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Hospital Su-Purr-vision

Time at BVC: 07/2020

Hobbies: Front Desk Greeter, racing, lounging, sitting pretty for treats

Iggy arrived at our clinic in the summer of 2020. She was learning to be a barn cat at a nearby farm and had decided to go adventuring. She had taken shelter in the engine of a couple’s car. Her leg became broken along with her tail. Our office had just lost our dear clinic cat, Frack, and Iggy happened to show up at the right time. She was destined to become a beloved member of our team. She now gets around on 3 legs, but don’t let her fool you. She is quite fast and loves to zoom around the corners of the clinic. You will often see her at the reception desk, she has taken on “clinic greeter” as one of her many duties around our practice.

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