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Farm Calls

We know that it is not always possible to bring herds of livestock to our facility. We do offer Farm Call Services for our local clients. We currently serve a 20-mile radius for most Large Animal Farm Calls. We do a 30-mile radius for Equine Farm Calls.

Belton AC - Caring for your herd

Establishing a Healthy Herd farm call annually is a huge benefit to the Rancher and livestock. By staying ahead of the health of your herd, you are able to minimize investment costs, reduce the likelihood of illness and disease, and improve the overall quality and longevity of the livestock you have.

For our team to be able to come out:

  • We do need your livestock to already be caught.
  • A suitable facility in which to work safely
  • If your cattle require a chute to be treated, we will need a chute on site.
  • If we are floating teeth on horses, we will need access to power.
  • In the event of weather, we will need cover.
  • We will need a list of the animals that we will be treating and what we need to do for each one.
  • We are able to add small animals (dogs, cats ect.) to these large animal farm calls.

For Healthy Farm Visits, some treatments are not able to be done out in the field and we will need to see your animal at our clinic to properly treat.

We are not able to do:

  • Cow hoof trims/lameness (we need a specialized chute for this procedure)
  • Some surgeries (this will vary based on the procedure)
  • Extensive X-rays
  • Cosmetic dehorns
  • Freeze Branding (Regular Branding is able to be done)
  • Certain Emergencies are also difficult to diagnose and treat in the field. This may then be required to come to the clinic to be treated.

We recommend calling our office to determine if we are able to come out to your facility based on your animal's medical needs. Taking the best quality care of your animals is very important to us. Please call our office for availability and scheduling. 

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